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Pin AEIOU - Multimediales Informationssystem Wissenschaft und Kultur
Pin Also sprach ... - Zitate
Pin Austrian Business Info
Pin Creative Net
Pin Herold Gelbe Seiten
Pin ÖBB Fahrpläne
Pin Wer liefert was?
Pin Who is who
World International

Pin Altavista Translation Service
Pin Ameridex Information Systems
Pin Bookwire
Pin Britannica Online
Pin British Columbia Yellow Pages
Pin BuBiS - Bürger- und Branchen-Informationssystem
Pin CARL Corporation Databases
Pin Celebrity Addresses
Pin CIA World Fact Book
Pin Computerlexikon
Pin Dialog Corporation - Information Company
Pin Duden Online
Pin Englisch Wörterbücher aller Art
Pin English Dictionary
Pin Hypertext Webster Interface
Pin Informations Archiv
Pin Internationale Telefon-Vorwahlnummern
Pin Labour Statistics USA
Pin Libraries via Internet
Pin Meyers Lexikon - Das Wissen A-Z
Pin National Archives and Records Administration
Pin Phonebook Gateway - Server Lookup
Pin SilverPlatter World
Pin Switchboard - the people and business directory
Pin Teledir - deutsche Ortsvorwahlen
Pin Telephone Directories on the Web
Pin Termine der beweglichen Feiertage
Pin TheYellowPages
Pin U.S. Bureau of Census
Pin Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems
Pin World Wide Yellow Pages
Pin Yahoo! People Search


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